Welcome to Strategies@Work, LLC

Strategies@Work, LLC (SAW ) is a global management consulting firm committed to teaching, training, coaching, and advising clients using biblical philosophy, values, and principles.

The consulting practice is based on the following fundamental presuppositions:

the God revealed in the Bible created the universe;

God created all the rules of the universe;

God blesses alignment with His rules;

God created every person and organization for a purpose;

it is our responsibility to discern and fulfill our purpose; and

when individuals of an organization fulfill their purpose, the organization fulfills its purpose.

Therefore only a biblical approach to life will lead to personal significance and satisfaction. Furthermore, only a biblical approach to business will facilitate excellent and lasting organizational performance.

In the book, Beyond Babel, Dr. Gerald Chester, the founder of Strategies@Work, LLC, presented the Beyond Babel Model—a biblical model for building organizations in obedience to and alignment with the purpose of God.

The consulting practice of Strategies@Work, LLC focuses on teaching, training, coaching, and advising based on understanding and applying the Beyond Babel Model.

Strategies@Work, LLC has trained consultants in various parts of the world to serve you by helping you learn and practice a biblical worldview in your personal life and in your organization. For more information, please click on the links below.

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